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As you approach Avon Fishing Pier, a sign greets you: “Welcome to America’s Pier.” This welcome sign says it all. Standing the tests of time and nature, Avon Pier has been open since 1964. You’ll enjoy the visual story of all that has been seen and heard from its wooden beams and boards. The twists, turns and unevenly surfaced pier have charmed many visitors throughout the years. What tales could Avon Pier tell if it could speak? Stop by and hear for yourself, as you gaze upon the fishers and the fishers to be. Hear them recount the battles won and lost at the pier.

Stretching 665 feet into the Atlantic Ocean, Avon Pier is a great place to take your little ones and not-so-little ones! Watch their eyes glow with excitement as they observe the fishermen haul in such catches as summer mackerels, mullet, red drum, and more. Spark their sense of wonder and discovery as they get to see, perhaps for the first time, what lives in the waters just beyond the wooden pier. Avon Pier is a spot that must be experienced. Individuals who have visited Avon Pier still relish in the memories made, and so will you. Make Avon Pier a part of your must-see list and add to the social media posts the keep the good memories going. Epic views, swoon-worthy sunsets, first catches, and awesome hauls are just some of the experiences shared at Avon Pier.

Do you live to fish? At Avon Pier, your dreams of catching the “big one” might come true. Just a few yards away, the world-record breaking catch of a 94-pound red drum fish put the Outer Banks’ region the world map. Now considered a must visit for world-class fishing, anglers from all over the world travel to Avon Pier for their shot at catching that next world record breaking fish. No need to have a fishing license when fishing from Avon Pier. Everything you need to fish can be accessed from the nearby store. Pick up fishing necessities such as bait, rods, tackle, and hats!

What awaits you at Avon Fishing Pier? Happy memories you won’t soon forget. Plan your trip today and make Avon Pier a destination to see with those you love. If you like the buzz of happy people or the adrenaline rush of seeing that fishing rod bend, Avon Pier is the place for you.