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Conner’s Supermarket is the only store to visit for all your shopping needs. Whether browsing our fresh meats, produce, organics, dairy, or deli selections, or seeking that perfect souvenir, you will find it here.
So whether you need the best ingredients for your favorite recipe, or need to pick up a beach chair or towel, please stop by and visit Conner’s Supermarket.


Conner’s Supermarket FAQ

What is Conner’s Supermarket?

Conner’s Supermarket is the go-to grocery destination for residents and visitors of the Outer Banks. As a family-owned and operated store since 1979, it offers a casual shopping environment with a wide selection of products ranging from fresh produce and meats to gourmet foods and even beach essentials.

Does Conner’s Supermarket offer local products?

Yes, Conner’s Supermarket takes pride in offering a variety of local products. Shoppers can find an assortment of items sourced directly in North Carolina. Local products include Carolina homegrown produce, seafood from the Outer Banks, and a selection of local wines and craft beers. Shopping here is a great way to support local growers and producers while enjoying the flavors unique to the region.

Are there any specialty items available at Conner’s Supermarket?

Absolutely! Conner’s Supermarket is known for its specialty items, such as prime cuts of meat, international cheeses, and a vast array of gourmet condiments. They also carry a selection of organic and gluten-free products to cater to diverse dietary needs and preferences. You can find products here that you can’t find anywhere else!

Can visitors find beach supplies at Conner’s Supermarket?

Indeed, Conner’s Supermarket is a one-stop shop for not only groceries but also essential beach supplies. Whether you need sunscreen, beach toys, or coolers, they have all the essentials for a perfect day by the shore. This convenience makes Conner’s Supermarket a favorite spot for visitors looking to stock up before heading to the beach.