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The second floor restaurant has a panoramic view of the sound and is noted for the beautiful sunset views.  We have an elevator for those who need it. For the most part they are open year-round at 5 pm seven days a week for dinner.  During the winter months you should call as they may close a few days a week or for a short period of time.  They serve fresh North Carolina seafood and Chef Dwight Callahan cooks up seafood specials nightly.  Pasta dishes, duck, steak and lamb are also served.  See the complete menu on their website as their menu changes each season.


Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant FAQ

What is Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant?

Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant is a culinary gem on the Pamlico Sound, offering panoramic views of the stunning sunset. Since its opening, Dinky’s has provided diners with a varied menu of fresh local seafood, duck, steak, lamb, and renowned pasta dishes, all enjoyed in an ambiance enhanced by African mahogany woodwork.

 What type of cuisine can I expect at Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant?

Indulge in an array of American and seafood dishes with an emphasis on freshness and local flavors. Dinky’s presents a diverse menu that includes Blue Crab Ravioli, daily seafood specials, and savory pasta.

Does Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant offer special events or themed nights?

Yes, Dinky’s adds excitement to the week with special events like Prime Rib Night every Friday and Sushi Night on Mondays during the fall and winter seasons.

What makes Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant unique?

The combination of Chef Dwight Callahan’s seasonal menu changes, the fresh seafood dinner specials, and the restaurant’s signature dishes like shellfish teasers topped with Asiago cheese sets Dinky’s apart. The restaurant’s motto, “Great Things Come From Small Places,” captures the essence of its commitment to quality and charm.

How can I enjoy the Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant experience?

Dinky’s welcomes diners Monday through Sunday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, with the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday when it’s closed. Reservations are not accepted, so it’s a good idea to arrive early to secure a table, especially if you want to catch one of the famous Pamlico Sound sunsets.