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Are you planning a getaway to the majestic North Carolina? Whether as a small group of friends, family, or colleagues, the charming Shell Castle 245 awaits to be your home during your stay in this slice of paradise. One of the things you are likely to notice first as you pull into the private parking space is the stunning panorama enveloping this abode. And that’s the beginning of your fascinating adventure in this place.

This awe-inspiring Hatteras place to stay has four luxurious bedrooms and four modern bathrooms, plus it can effortlessly accommodate up to eight guests. Read on to understand why the welcoming Shell Castle 245 the vacation home of your dreams.

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 Designed for You

As the front doors swing open for the first time, you will instantly be glad you chose to stay in this captivating holiday rental. Including being spacious, the gorgeous living area is cozy. Even better, it exudes a homey aura that makes you feel relaxed. Additionally, this room hosts a large plush sofa, armchairs, and a center table, just to mention a few. On the other hand, the large windows are likely to catch your attention. They not only allow sufficient flow of natural daylight throughout this space, but they also let you savor the ocean view from the comfort of your seat as you enjoy a good read.

Taking time to detach from the outside world to focus on yourself entirely is a lovely way to de-stress, especially on vacations. When you decide to stay indoors and enjoy the amenities your home beholds, be ready for a fun-filled time. Whether you want to keep up with your loved series or watch a movie with your travel partners, this room has a large flat-screen television you can turn on whenever you wish. Thanks to the availability of high-speed internet, you can connect with your folks back home, post vacation pictures on your social media, or update your travel blog.

Do you remember that special recipe you have always wanted to put into use and surprise your loved ones with a mouthwatering meal? What better place to do so than from the comfort of our inviting, spacious kitchen? This culinary area is fully outfitted with top-notch appliances, cookware, bake ware, and classy utensils to ensure everyone on your trip has a five-star dining experience. And from the brown marble countertop perfectly blending with the brown wooden cupboards, you can tell that attention to detail was paramount to ensuring this space oozes the ideal ambiance you need to prepare a meal. When it’s time to dine and wine, head to the dining area adjacent to the kitchen and enjoy your feast as you marvel at the outside view.

After spending the day exploring this slice of heaven, taking a shower is one of the best ways to calm your aching muscles. In addition to being squeaky clean, the bathrooms in this lovely cottage have a hair dryer and premium towels you can utilize. Being spacious and fitted with the combo tub shower, be ready to unwind and soul-search from these peaceful spaces. Since holidays are supposed to be relaxing, soaking in the soothing bathtub with a sparkling glass of champagne is a great idea. With calming music in the background and candles lit, you can pamper yourself and let go of any stress life may have thrown your way.

And when it’s time to get a good night of sleep, step into the captivating bedrooms. They are roomy and designed to ensure that each night’s rest is the best. With each bedroom offering something that makes it stand out, you can have happy dreams regardless of what room you settle on. The large beds with luxurious bedding guarantee you sleep well and wake up rejuvenated, ready to face the day. From the large windows, you can savor the morning view from your bed’s convenience.

Exceptional Exterior Features

Most people bond well over a delicious meal. Luckily, cooking doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen when staying in this eye-catching home. From the outdoor grill, you can prepare a savory meal in the evening as you remind each other of all the good times you have shared. The beauty of this experience is that everyone on your trip can participate in the feast preparation as you all relish the mind-boggling vista.

Imagine waking up to listen to the soothing sounds of the waves as you sip on a flavorsome cup of coffee. Well, you can achieve this and more from the comfort of this gorgeous home. Hosting big decks with cozy seats and a table, you can catch the spectacular sunrise if you are an early bird. Alternatively, spend the evening in these areas stargazing as you chitchat and sip on drinks of your choice.

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Offering an excellent example of North Carolina hospitality, Shell Castle 245 is destined to be essential to your getaway experience. Contact us today to reserve this unparalleled cottage!

Cape Hatteras is one of the fascinating parts of the Outer Banks. This island, which covers roughly 70 miles, boasts an array of exciting attractions and accommodation options. One of these unique accommodation spots is Dune Top 235. It is a spacious, 2-bedroom beachfront cottage that sits close to Highway 12. This vacation rental features excellent amenities and ocean views that showcase the pleasantness of the Atlantic Ocean. Apart from that, its proximity to NC12 strategically sets it close to Cape Hatteras attractions, including the fabled Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. If you’re planning to explore the Outer Banks, then Dune Top 235 is the perfect place to stay in Hatteras. Here are more details on why you should consider booking this magnificent beach cottage.

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Interior Amenities

The general concept behind the interior of Dune Top 235 is maximum relaxation and comfort. This concept comes alive in the living room area, where walls of a shade of white offer additional lighting. You can take advantage of the massive windows to add more lighting to the house. These windows also feature more perks since they face the ocean, offering refreshing views. You can lounge on the plush sofas enjoying the ocean views while catching up on your favorite shows on the living room television. The views and cozy furnishings are not the only aspects that make the living room appealing. The flooring, the artistic table, and the rug speak volumes of luxury and comfort, setting a relaxed mood for guests.

Since Dune Top 235 features an open plan concept, the cottage’s kitchen is not far from the living room. This fully equipped kitchenette consists of granite countertops with grey cabinets that match with other furnishings around the house. If you’re a home-cooking kind of person, this kitchen incorporates the ideal cooking set for you. In this cooking area, a variety of cookware like a conventional oven, a microwave, and a coffeemaker await you.

You can curate a vacation meal list and spend part of your getaway preparing meals for your loved ones. Your family can then enjoy the meals in the dining area that’s not far from the kitchen. The dining table is also next to a window that offers ocean views as well. If you prefer readymade meals, you can order from the dining establishments that are easily accessible through Highway 12.

Fantastic amenities cross over to the bedrooms, where comfort is a priority. The main bedroom exemplifies this comfort by how neat the room looks. A king-size bed with plush linen is the main highlight of this room. You can relish the bed’s coziness while enjoying entertainment from the bedroom television. Besides guaranteeing sleeping comfort, the space includes a chest of drawers where you can store your essential items.

The other room features a queen-size and single bed. These two beds can host up to three people, making the room perfect for those traveling as a group. The beds also feature plush bedding and have a bedside table with a lamp. If you’re traveling as a family, you can let the kids enjoy the comfort of this room. These two bedrooms also have a Jack and Jill shared bath with a sink and a mirror.

Exterior Amenities

The exterior of Dune Top 235 shouts luxury from the type of wall used to the scenic surroundings. These greyish masonry walls amplify luxury and beauty to different levels. This general exterior blends perfectly with the immediate surroundings, making the cottage stand out from the rest. Attached to the walls are sturdy decks at the front and the back. You can lounge on the deck chairs at the front deck, taking in the plentiful views of the magnificent Atlantic Ocean.

There’s also abundant yard space. However, this space is basically the beach, where you can enjoy games with your loved ones or just bask. If you prefer a more indulging adventure, you can go to the ocean for exciting water activities such as boating. If you prefer swimming, fret there is a shared resort pool and spa you will have access to! You can take a dive in the pool, enjoying the coastal breeze emanating from the ocean waves. You can also dip your body in the hot tub close to the pool to relax your muscles after the swim.

For lovers of a good steak, Dune Top 235 got you covered by incorporating a BBQ. You can connect with your family over a good barbecue cookout session.

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Comfort and convenience are the priorities in our Dune Top 235 beach cottage. A stay in this magnificent vacation rental exposes you to Cape Hatteras’ top attractions. If you’re planning to explore the Outer Banks, contact us to book your stay in this impressive beach house.