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The most prominent symbol of the Outer Banks is the “candy-striped” Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. As the tallest brick lighthouse in America, standing 200 feet high, visitors flock to Hatteras Island to climb tbe 268 steps for the incredible views of the Island. Originally build in 1797, it was intended to warn ships of the trecherous shoals known as “Diamond Shoals” off the Hatteras coast.

At the request of mariners and the U.S. Navy, a new beacon was constructed in 1870. Due to erosion, the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was moved from it’s original location in 1999 to a safer location 2,870 feet inland. Re-dedicated in 2000, the lighthouse is fully open to the public in it’s new location.

Fun Lighthouse Facts:

Construction Material: Approximately 1,250,000 bricks
Height Above Sea Level: 210 feet
Height of the Structure: 208 feet
Number of Steps: 268
Flash Pattern: Every 7.5 seconds
Visibility: 20 miles in clear conditions