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Local Guide

avon fishing pier

As you approach Avon Fishing Pier, a sign greets you: “Welcome to America’s Pier.” This welcome sign says it all. Standing the tests of time and nature, Avon Pier has been open since 1964. You’ll enjoy the visual story of all that has been seen and heard from its wooden beams and boards. The twists, turns and unevenly surfaced pier have charmed many visitors throughout the years. What tales could...
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bak bar sportfishing

Inshore Fishing, Flounder Gigging and Bow Fishing out of Hatteras Village. Bak Bar Sportfishing is docked at Teachs Lair Marina.
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beach pharmacy of avon

Pharmacy and drug store!
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beach pharmacy of hatteras

Did you forget your medication? No worries! Beach Pharmacy of Hatteras will make sure all your pharmaceutical needs are met!
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bodie island lighthouse

This 156-foot tall, horizontally-striped lighthouse was built in 1872. It is the third Bodie Island lighthouse: the first was unstable, and the second was destroyed by the confederate soldiers so that the union solders could not use it as an observation post. A visitors’ center, located in the old keeper’s quarters, is open year-round and features exhibits as well as an Eastern National Bookstore. Visitors can also venture on a self-guided nature trail....
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