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The Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station is a hidden treasure of the Outer Banks. This museum showcases the region’s rich maritime history and dynamic heroism. Situated in the quaint village of Rodanthe, this station was one of the first life-saving stations on the Atlantic Coast. It pays tribute and tells the stories of the courageous individuals who risked their lives to rescue distressed mariners. Visiting the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station Historic Site will give you the opportunity to step back in time and relive these inspiring stories of bravery and dedication.

Explore the Museum

This historic station, which was active from 1874 to 1954, is now a well-preserved museum listed on the National Register of Historic Places. As you navigate through these historic buildings, you’ll be captivated by a collection of rare artifacts and educational exhibits. These are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the extreme conditions under which these seafaring heroes operated.

Noteworthy among the museum’s collection is an original surfboat used in daring rescues, numerous artifacts found among shipwrecks, and the device used to fire rescue lines to stranded ships! The station’s extensive records include logbooks and journals kept by the sailors. These provide personal, first-hand accounts of dramatic rescues, routine tasks, and the challenges of living in such a remote, storm-battered location. You’ll really get to experience just what life was like for these courageous ones.

Special highlights of visiting the museum include the various re-enactments that are performed. At certain times of the day, guests can catch a glimpse of the team performing beach rescue and shipwreck rescue re-enactments! These engaging live demonstrations will give you an idea of the exceptional skills, coordination, and physical strength required during a rescue mission.

Come learn about the origins of the Coast Guard and explore the various hands-on exhibits at the museum. As you walk through the buildings, you’ll understand the past struggles, achievements, and determination of these heroes. When you’re not exploring the artifacts, head outside to wander around the museum’s grounds. There is so much beauty to enjoy from this location. The serene ocean views create a calm backdrop to your visit, perfect for reflection.

Plan Your Visit

When you visit the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station, you will leave feeling inspired by the resilience of these brave heroes. Learn the unique story of this important historical building and all it stood for. Experience the historical significance, peruse the engaging exhibits, and bask in the beautiful surroundings at the Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station Historic Site when you next visit our area.

For more info visit the Chicamacomico website.


Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station FAQ

What is the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station?

The Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station is a historic site with deep roots in maritime history, located in Rodanthe, North Carolina. Established in 1874, it was one of the first lifesaving stations on the Outer Banks and played a crucial role in rescuing shipwrecked sailors from the perilous waters known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.”

Can visitors tour the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station?

Yes, visitors are welcome to tour the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station. This site offers an immersive glimpse into the valiant efforts of the U.S. Life-Saving Service through its well-preserved structures, artifacts, and live reenactments of the breeches buoy rescue method—a dramatic, hands-on demonstration of historical rescue techniques!

What can I see at the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station?

At the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station, you can explore several original buildings, including the 1874 Station House, 1911 Cook House, 1892 Midgett House, and the 1911 Lifeboat Station. Each building houses a collection of historical artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that tell the story of the brave lifesaving service members.

Are there any special events or programs at the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station?

Throughout the year, the Chicamacomico Lifesaving Station hosts a variety of educational programs and special events. These include the aforementioned breeches buoy rescue demonstrations, historical talks, and interactive activities designed for both children and adults. It’s a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience a piece of living history.