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Frank and Fran’s is a small, family owned tackle shop located in Avon, NC. We welcome anglers to stop and visit, tell us a tale & enjoy free cup of coffee! Frank & Frans will be your one stop shop for bait, tackle, NC fishing license, ORV self-certification cards, ice, apparel, firewood, coolers, crabbing accessories and we have a walk-in cigar humidor.  Stop in and see us today for a great selection of products and great customer service.


Frank & Frans FAQ

What is Frank & Fran’s The Fisherman’s Friend?

Frank & Fran’s is a family-owned bait and tackle shop in Avon, NC, that’s been serving the Hatteras Island community for over 30 years. Known as the “Fisherman’s Friend,” they offer everything an angler could need, from bait and tackle to ice, apparel, and even a walk-in cigar humidor.

What can I find at Frank & Fran’s?

You’ll discover a wide array of fishing supplies, including rods, reels, lures, fishing line, and crabbing gear. In addition to fishing essentials, the shop provides outdoor accessories like coolers, apparel, sunscreens, and more. They also carry home decor, jewelry, and offer a large selection of cigars.

Does Frank & Fran’s offer services for fishermen?

Absolutely! Frank & Fran’s is an official weigh station and provides fishing reports for the Avon area. They’re equipped to handle re-spools, rod tip replacements, and offer free air fill stations for tires.

What are the operating hours for Frank & Fran’s?

The shop is open 7 days a week, typically from 6 AM to 9 PM. This schedule allows anglers to get an early start on their fishing adventures and have access to supplies and services throughout the day.

Why is Frank & Fran’s considered a go-to place in Avon?

Frank & Fran’s is highly regarded for its friendly service, extensive knowledge of local fishing conditions, and quality gear. Customers appreciate the fast service and the shop’s ability to provide up-to-date fishing reports and advice as well.