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Calling all water sports enthusiasts! Hatteras Island Boardsports is the place for all your aquatic needs! Located in the heart of the Outer Banks, Hatteras Island Boardsports showcases a wide variety of products and services for time on the water. Peruse the aisles and check out the unique selection of items that will help you fit right into the beachy lifestyle unique to Hatteras Island.

Grab Your Water Gear

As soon as you walk into Hatteras Island Boardsports, you can feel the passion for water sports. The store has a large assortment of high-quality gear for all types of water experiences. Whether you’re into surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking or skimboarding, there’s something for you at Hatteras Island Boardsports! If you’re an experienced wave rider or a first timer, the team at Hatteras Island Boardsports is excited to help you find the right equipment to fuel your water sports adventures.

Hatteras Island Boardsports, in addition to offering top-tier equipment, rents out gear for people who wish to experience the waves first before committing to making a purchase. Imagine the freedom that comes from catching waves on a rented surfboard, drifting over calm water on a paddleboard, or experiencing the thrill of bodyboarding. Having a nice variety of rental options allows you to try something new whenever you visit the water.

Not only does Hatteras Island Boardsports have a terrific assortment of equipment, but they also have a dedicated and professional crew. The team is eager to share their knowledge with all who visit the store. Their keen advice will help you select the right equipment, develop your skills, and even find the best local sites for your watersport of choice. This level of customer service contributes to a welcoming and cheerful environment that invites all to come and shop.

Hatteras Island Boardsports regularly host events and lessons, which promotes a sense of solidarity and shared excitement for water sports. Check their website or stop by the store to learn how to join and meet fellow water sports enthusiasts who share your same passion.

Be sure to check out their awesome selection of coastal apparel that is unique to Hatteras Island. From wetsuits, board shorts to t-shirts, sunglasses, hats, and even sunscreen. Complete your beach ensemble and protect yourself from the elements with the goods provided by Hatteras Island Boardsports.

Plan the Perfect Vacation

Visit Hatteras Island Boardsports for their exceptional selection of equipment, experienced staff, and commitment to Hatteras Island water sports. Come on down to shop, learn, rent equipment, and make new friends during your next visit to Hatteras Island.