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An Epicurean’s Journey to Cape Hatteras Restaurants

HomeJourneys to Cape HatterasAn Epicurean’s Journey to Cape Hatteras Restaurants

If you consider yourself more than just a foodie but instead a true epicurean, then this is the journey for you! Read on for the best Cape Hatteras restaurants that an epicurean like yourself must visit on your epicurean adventure in the Outer Banks.

Day 1: A Waterfront Indulgence at Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant

Your epicurean adventure begins at the ever-charming Dinky’s Waterfront Restaurant. The unassuming yet elevated ambiance is complemented by panoramic views of Hatteras Harbor. As an epicurean, your heart races in anticipation of the coastal feast that awaits you. You decide to begin with a mouthwatering appetizer, the local scallops encrusted with pistachios. The main course, a sublime plate of fresh Atlantic salmon, is prepared to perfection and accentuated with zesty lemon butter. Bite after bite brings a smile to your face. You sip on an exquisite glass of Chardonnay as the soothing sound of the waves caresses your ears. This is the perfect way to begin your epicurean adventure.

Day 2: Tapas and More at Hatteras Sol Waterside Grill

Awaken your senses as you step into the Hatteras Sol Waterside Grill. The contemporary setting nestled right beside the water invites you to experience the rich mosaic of menu options this gem has to offer. As an epicurean, tapas-style dining appeals to your adventurous spirit. Delight in an array of small plates, each artfully presented. You decide on the Southern Rockefeller, parmesan-fried oysters and Southern collards on the half shell with Cajun remoulade. The assortment of rich flavors can only be described as heavenly. To conclude this gastronomic journey, indulge in a deconstructed key lime pie for a rich and tangy experience that teases and satisfies your tastebuds.

Day 3: A Quirky Culinary Experience at Buxton Munch

Day three welcomes you to Buxton Munch. Don’t let the casual, quirky atmosphere fool you. This place takes flavor seriously. Treat yourself to their Soft Shell Crab Sandwich. With each bite, savor the crispy shell, succulent crabmeat, and the sharp homemade sauce. Pair your meal with a refreshing, hand-crafted smoothie made from the ripest fruits. Buxton Munch packs an unpretentious but deeply satisfying culinary punch that your epicurean soul will remember fondly.

Day 4: Sweet Mornings at Gingerbread House Pastry Shop & Deli

The aroma of freshly baked bread and brewed coffee greets you as you step into the Gingerbread House Pastry Shop & Deli. Today you choose to satisfy your sweet tooth with an assortment of pastries that look like pieces of art. As you struggle to make a decision since everything looks so good, you settle on an almond croissant. The rich layers of flaky pastry paired with the subtle richness of almond cream help you realize you didn’t settle. You chose wisely. Suddenly in the mood for something savory, you decide on a gourmet sandwich with freshly baked bread, artisanal cheese, and the finest cuts of meat. These flavors create a symphony in your mouth. Wash everything down with a perfectly brewed latte and reflect on your gourmet journey thus far.

Day 5: The Ultimate Seafood Indulgence at Rusty’s Surf & Turf

On day five, you find yourself filled with anticipation for yet another amazing culinary experience at Rusty’s Surf & Turf. As an epicurean, the thought of savoring fresh seafood with a twist excites your palate. Your meal begins with an appetizer of Oysters Rockefeller, equipped with briny oysters and rich flavors of spinach and cheese. You decide on the showstopping Tuna Oscar as your main choice. Your tuna filet is seared to perfection and generously topped with lump crab meat. A drizzle of béarnaise sauce brings everything together. While a glass of Sauvignon Blanc enhances the richness of the dish.

Day 6: Unwind by the Water at Watermen’s Bar & Grill

Day six takes you to Watermen’s Bar & Grill, where the warm breeze, the shimmering water, and the promise of culinary excellence beckon. You peruse the menu options and decide to embark on an epicurean treat of soft-shell crab tacos with a tangy cilantro sauce. They prove not to be disappointing. The crunch of the shell, the sweet crab and the zesty cilantro sauce thrill your taste buds. As the day ends, you sip a unique cocktail that features hints of elderflower and citrus as the sound of live music fills the air. The evening winds down like the gentle tide.

Day 7: A Delightful Finale at Diamond Shoals Restaurant & Sushi Bar

On this final day of your epicurean journey, you decide to stop at Diamond Shoals Restaurant & Sushi Bar. The East meets the coastal South here, where delicate sushi rolls are paired with the freshest catch unique to the area. You can’t resist their extensive sushi menu. You opt for the Hatteras Roll, which envelops you in the goodness of tuna, avocado, and a touch of spice.  Celebrate the finale of your epicurean adventure with a glass of chilled champagne and toast to the good times had in Cape Hatteras.

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