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Planning the Best Vacation Cape Hatteras Can Offer

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Planning your vacation is always an exciting experience. Get started designing the best vacation Cape Hatteras can offer using these tips.

Pick the Right Season

Even though Cape Hatteras is a great place to visit year-round, the experiences will vary with each season. Summertime beckons all the beach lovers, with its long sunny days and warm waters. Wildlife lovers prefer the spring and fall seasons because of the possibility of observing migratory birds or reeling in the next big catch during prime fishing seasons. If you’re looking to visit Cape Hatteras during the winter months, then you’ll experience the peaceful tranquility of your beautiful surroundings with less crowds.

What Do You Want to Do?

There’s no shortage of things to do in Cape Hatteras. Love the outdoors? Plan hikes, fishing trips, or engage in water sports like kiteboarding, wakeboarding or kayaking. Interested in history? Schedule a visit to any of the iconic lighthouses or stop by the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. Seeking rest and relaxation? Pick a spot on any of the miles and miles of sandy beaches to explore.

Book Your Accommodation

From spacious vacation Cape Hatteras homes to cozy cottages and simple rooms, Lighthouse View Oceanfront Lodging features some of Cape Hatteras’ top accommodations to suit your unique style and needs as a traveler. Be sure to book early as these accommodations tend to go quickly! Contact Lighthouse View Oceanfront Lodging for more information and to find the perfect lodging for you!

Explore Your Dining Options

Sample some of the freshest seafood eateries, farm-to-table restaurants and delicious bakeries and ice cream parlors in the Outer Banks.

Create a Packing List

Making a packing list will ensure nothing gets missed or left behind for your vacation! Choose items that will reflect your planned activities. Beachwear, a sun hat, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes for exploring are a must. Layer up if you’re planning your trip in the cooler months.

Travel Arrangements

Plan your route ahead of time and don’t leave anything to chance. Having a car makes getting around Cape Hatteras a breeze. If you’re flying, consider rental car options for getting around the island.

Check Local Events

Being in town when there are events happening will make your trip that much more memorable. Maybe you’ll be visiting during a holiday so be sure to check if there are any holiday events happening.

Get ready for a fun-filled vacation in Cape Hatteras! Follow these tips and plan accordingly. Don’t leave your accommodations up to chance. Choose the best, with Lighthouse View Oceanfront Lodging. Visit the website for more information.

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