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avon fishing pier

As you set your sights on Avon Fishing Pier, you’re welcomed by a sign that proudly declares, “Welcome to America’s Pier.” This iconic landmark, which has stood firm since 1964, is not just a structure stretching into the Atlantic; it’s a source of stories and experiences. Its wooden beams and uneven boards have witnessed countless tales of triumph and defeat, of fishers and dreamers. Imagine the stories Avon Pier could...
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rodanthe pier

Come on down to Rodanthe Pier to fish or soak up the sights and sounds of the beach. This cherished and welcoming attraction on Hatteras Island is a prime fishing spot frequented by visiting and local anglers alike. Gather the whole family and come to Rodanthe Pier for a day of fishing and fun! Upon arrival to Rodanthe Pier, choose from a selection of pier passes that allow you access....
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